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Amara VPN provides SSTP on standard port 443 (HTTPS). It is best way how to hide your internet activity like VoIP, Skype, Youtube, Facebook etc. behind one strongly encrypted TCP connection! All your traffic will look like common HTTPS connection or any other SSL connection. SSL VPN with Public IP! Difficult to be blocked by ISP, mostly works everywhere!

SSTP offers the highest security with AES encryption!

SSTP is currently supported by Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows server 2008

Works on TCP port HTTPS(443) and many other ports listed bellow!
443 (HTTPS)
465 (SMTPS)
563 (NNTPS)
636 (LDAPS)
989 (FTPS data)
990 (FTPS control)
993 (IMAPS)
495 (POP3S)
80 (HTTP)

Very stable and fast over wireless, cellular and other non reliable networks where packet loss and congestion is common.

SSTP has no major vulnerabilities and is considered extremely secure when used with a secure encryption algorithm such as AES.

Windows 7 and Vista

SSTP is a great solution but is currently only compatiable with Windows Vista and 7 which is a big draw back. In these environments though it is by far the best option, it is fast, reliable and works around any blocks. It is also very easy to install.

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