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StarsVPN Anonymous VPN Service

How VPN works

Strong encryption
When you connect to our VPN server, you do so entirely encrypted. Would someone try to recreate or collect your data it would be totaly unreadable.

Anonymous dynamic IP
We are replacing your current IP address with an anonymous IP that belongs to us.

Unlimited bandwidth
We have no quotas or traffic speed limits.

No logs
We protect the privacy of our users. We therefore do not save logs of who has a particular IP address at a given time.

Works on most operating systems such as:

- Windows
- Mac
- Linux
- Android

Open ports
We have no closed ports. This means you can put up a web server or other services behind the VPN. It also gives you higher speeds when file sharing.

OpenVPN client
For Windows, we have developed our own OpenVPN client. It includes:

- Auto login - Allow you to automatically conenct your VPNtunnel.

- Connection guard - This is for your protection in case of an unexpected disconenction from the VPN server. It allow you to choose which applications to disable in case of a disconnection.

- National selection - Allow you to choose which nationality the ip we provide will have. This service will grow, and shortly we will publish available nationalities on the website.

Similar clients will be developed for Mac and Linux aswell.
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